We’re There…Almost!

We’ve bought our narrowboat – the Wendy Elizabeth. (Don’t ask me. We didn’t name it.)

It’s currently lying over in Thorne in South Yorkshire, sixty foot of homely comforts and potential cat wreckage. At the moment we’re having the engine serviced (it’s going to be a long haul from Thorne to the Lancaster Canal – extremely circuitous – we don’t want the engine exploding in the Pennines). We’re also having a cat flap fitted. That last bit’s important.

Unfortunately we don’t have any photographs of it to post apart from the ones in the brochure and, until we’ve hung our pictures and stuffed the boat full of our belongings, cats etc it wouldn’t look right. So you’ll just have to wait. For now, here’s one of my ‘Steampunk Girl’ oil paintings instead…

Steampunk Girl with Kitten


Update: Here are some facts about our narrowboat (because I’m sure you’re interested).

1. It’s green…mainly.
2. It’s sixty foot long…that’s about the length of the street we’ve recently left behind in Fleetwood.
3. It has a lounge with a three-seater pine sofa bed (which’ll come in handy for guests), a dining table with chairs, bookshelves, a television, a cd player, a wood burning stove and a soon-to-be catflap.
4. It has a kitchen with a fridge that can be switched between electric and gas (yes, I know…weird right?), a gas oven and hob, and a side hatch for the cats to sit in and watch the ducks when we’re berthed.
5. There’s an office with a desk and shelves for my computer and printer etc, where I can do the accounts and mess about with paintings and stuff. It also has a glass fronted cabinet in it, where I can lock Ghostie if he annoys me.
6. There is, of course, a bathroom, with bog, shower, sink and cupboards.
7. There’s a walk-in wardrobe thing that’s about five foot deep, which’ll come in handy considering the amount of rubbish we’re taking with us.
8. There’s a double bedroom with classic portholes.
9. The boat’s also got solar panels to keep the electric topped up.
10. It’s double glazed.
11. Did I mention it’s mainly green?
12. This is a photograph of the kitchen, sans artwork, cats, crockery and all the other gubbins we’ve yet to transport. Or to put it another way, before we clutter the place up.

The Kitchen of the Wendy Elizabeth aka the Mouse Boat


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