Introducing the Mouse Map

By way of an extra posting this week, on the very slim chance that somebody out there might actually read it, the mice from the Mouse Boat have, apparently, produced a map of the Lancaster Canal. We’ve reproduced it here. And we’re also selling them, from the Mouse Boat, for a tenner. All proceeds go towards feeding the cats, otherwise the mice will end up as their dinner.

The Fabulous Mouse Map!


2 thoughts on “Introducing the Mouse Map

  1. Very creative Brian!

    We are currently on our way slowly toward the Pocklington canal (Yorkshire) on the boat (probably get there in a month).

    My hubby has suggested that after, we might cross to the West along the Leeds Liverpool. He has hinted that we may attempt the Lancaster… We’ve done it only once, my dread being the Ribble Link! If we do though, we will come and say hello! I’m sure we’ll be able to find you by tracking the mice. 😉😄


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