Hospital, via Forton

Yesterday morning, at the crack of dawn, I disentangled the boat from the trees at Dimples Lane (a remarkably skilled parking job, I reckon, which bent my television aerial into such fantastic new shapes that all the programmes are now in welsh) and headed for Forton.

Next time I’m going to try and moor up on a pub roof.


Forton isn’t actually on the canal, as such. It’s a village, about half a mile inland – although in terms of vertical, winding and impossible-to-traverse geography it’s probably closer to thirty-five miles. It’s also extremely quiet – just the ‘thwok’ of leather against willow and the occasional spontaneous round of polite applause from the village green broke the stillness. I assume somebody was playing cricket there.

Forton Church…I think.


The photograph above shows the church, or something. Either that or whoever owns the place collects gravestones.

The village hall.


Forton also has a village hall (which is larger than the rest of the village), a war memorial, a rather odd Woody the Woodpecker toy stuffed, somewhat pointlessly, into a bird box, and…er…that’s about it. It’s pretty much a typical Lancashire village really. To be honest, it could do with a shop.

Still in Forton.


I ambled back to the Mouse Boat through the suffocating heat, where I opened the Houdini hatch a bit too energetically and crushed the tip of the middle finger on my left hand. Well, when I say ‘crushed’, I more sort of burst it. The inside of my finger actually came out like some sort of external brain. It was all rather disturbing. I ended up in the hospital where a nurse shoehorned it back in with a special, blue, plastic instrument and then added six stitches to stop it exploding again.

My finger now constantly throbs.

Home Farm, between the village and the boat, shortly before my finger got crushed.



16 thoughts on “Hospital, via Forton

  1. Deary me Brian! The finger sounds horrible and painful 😢 Is it time to think about selling the beautiful but murderous beast and opening a little shop on terra firma? Xxx

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  2. Trapped my right index finger in car door some years ago so I feel your agony. Mine resembled an over cooked sausage which had split open. Other half kept telling me to let go of it but I just knew when I did it would fall off ( it didnt😂).

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    1. That’s exactly what mine looked like, Mary. It was literally inside-out. I could barely look when the nurse was putting it all back in. It was like watching somebody re-stuff an old toy.


  3. I think I’m glad you couldn’t hold the camera for a photo of your finger, the description sounds bad enough! Hope it’s not throbbing too much now. Perhaps you need to wear safety gear when operating your dangerous machine!!

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  4. Oh dear Brian. That sounds awful (and painful). I can empathise as on our first outing in the boat (some 13 years ago),we were still learning what to do with ropes. My husband had instructed me to rope a bollard at the bow (above the boat), which I did. But he had not secured the stern, and revved up the engine to go forward, dragging the bow rope and my hand upwards. My middle finger got trapped between the now strained rope and the roof of the boat. The more power he put on (attempting to bring 18 tons of steel into the lockside), the more my middle finger bulged.
    I pulled it free before he ripped it off. It hurt for weeks so my doctor sent me for an X-ray. The bone in my finger had been completely crushed, now resembling crazy paving. Too late to do anything with it, the bone healed eventually, but I have had a bent finger ever since. You will heel. Your pride takes another knock, but hey… We all get up and dust ourselves off! 😊

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      1. Ah, I still have my main blog site. I deleted the other (the one you had). I have been hit by spammers, which I think were hooking in through that site, and also the last blog on my colettebytes.WordPress site.
        I his both sites for a while…but as soon as I deleted the add on blog site, they disappeared. And just for good measure I deleted the last post in my other… I don’t know how they were backdooring in… WordPress is aware of the problem, firewalling the WordPress App, but they still hit my email box and WordPress haven’t been able to stop them (happens to a lot of people).


      2. All the spam is easy to spot. New followers with unlikely names but always using outlook are registering as followers of the blog. The next time I do a new post, they will get an update email…so they know who they have hooked. Partly for that reason, I haven’t done any posts for months. 😐


  5. Wondering how your finger is healing up Brian?
    We are currently on the Pocklington canal (Yorkshire), but we still plan to trek across later in the year. The Leeds Liver pool has had a serious breach near Liverpool, so my husband thinks it more likely that we will head up the Wigan flight and head over the Ribble. Given our current progress, it might not be until the end of August before we get to the Lancaster.

    Anyway, hope you are on the mend!😋


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