The North Wind doth Blow…the Froth off my Coffee.

They forecast forty-odd mile an hour winds today, to go with the fifty-to-seventy odd mile an hour winds we’ve been having for the rest of the week. They (said ‘they’ being the Met Office, of course) also forecast intermittent showers.

Today we took a jaunt down a rather long and straight bit of the canal.

What they didn’t forecast was the eight inches of mud everywhere (mostly on my living room carpet now) and the highly probable chance of skidding off the towpath through it, into the cut. Fortunately I managed to avoid taking a dip, but I did slip a few times and ended up dancing uncontrollably like Pinocchio, into the hedge.

They (again said ‘they’ being the Met Office) also forgot to mention the freezing cold hailstorm that suddenly sprang up out of nowhere and decided to rip the skin off our hands and faces when we stopped to moor up. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The craft centre at Galgate appears to be grimmacing.

After emptying the bilges (partially blocked, as always, by the wrong sort of stern grease – the usual bucket was required) we (said ‘we’ being me, Janet, Jim and Michelle) took the Mouse Boat from where we were berthed just south of Galgate, north to somewhere full of pylons (I’m not a fan of pylons – they make my hair stand on end like Stan Laurel’s) just shy of Brantbeck Bridge, the gateway to Deep Cuttings.

Cyberkings in the nude!

As it turned out, it was an extremely pleasant and, surprisingly for once, incident-free trip…apart from the hail, the mud and the pylons. The sun even came out at one point. (That didn’t last long.)

So, now, I’ve checked the oil, topped up the water in the radiator, had a pork pie, and I’m all set for a mighty voyage with Carol in a week and a half’s time all the way to Tewitfield and back, calling at Lancaster, Carnforth, Hest Bank and Bolton-le-Sands en route (although not necessarily in that order).

Three minutes of sunshine was enough to leave the trees sunburnt.



5 thoughts on “The North Wind doth Blow…the Froth off my Coffee.

  1. Happy trails next week.

    We are still stuck. The flood waters have not receded.
    CRT told us (kindly), that we could tie up for 14 days (as long as it is in 14 day spot) since we have not been recorded in our current location, but that would change on Monday. We told them that we had contracted a guy to come and take the boat back to the Marina, as soon as levels were normal again. CRT said they would advise him to move it as soon as possible. Not exactly officious, but they won’t bend the rules for anyone. He did wish us a pleasant holiday.

    Anyway… I hear that all the nasty weather will be gone next week, so you should have good skies for the Tewitfield trip. 🛥️⛵⚓


      1. We’re currently up the Lune end of th’ Owd Lanky, Colette, rather than the Ribble end. The water’d have to rise by about sixty-odd foot to reach the aqueduct, by which point Lancaster would be a modern day Atlantic. 🙂


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